Thursday, June 03, 2004

Sheffield muck stirrers please Leeds

Pink Grease
The Session
Leeds Cockpit
21 May 2004

Pink Grease are either the future of rock'n'roll (part 66666) or a bunch of complete ****s.

Their Pink G.R.Ease is single of the week in trendy style bible The Guardian Guide (with the apparent demise of Swinstead Publishing, home to Sleaze and Jockey Slut, its irreverent mix of free information and features finds an even clearer field).
The guitarist looks like that mushroomed-headed thing in the Super Mario games.
They are from Sheffield, much like Hoggboy or Giovanni Chrome Recordings.
  • They make a pleasing noise.
  • They have very good shoes.
  • They have a keyboard that looks like a giant stylophone.
  • ‘The kids’ loved them.
At this point a heady cocktail of alcopops and sambuca kicked in and it all became hazy...

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