Monday, April 18, 2005

Anal response to C4's 100 greatest albums

Albums that I actually own or have taped
Are You Experienced?
The Joshua Tree
It Takes A Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back
Three Feet High & Rising

Albums that I have either borrowed, taped bits of (in an absurdly too-frugal way of saving on tapes), stolen, listened to extensively at mates’ houses or in some other way shared in their communal experience. And for which I still have affection
Pet Sounds
Sergeant Pepper’s
The White Album
Sex Machine
The Velvet Underground
What’s Going On
Led Zeppelin IV
Never Mind the Bollocks
London Calling
The Stone Roses (lost the tape in Newcastle)
Pills, Thrills (how is this better than Squirrel or Bummed?)
Blue Lines
Definitely Maybe
Urban Hymns
The Bends
Moon Safari
A Grand Don’t Come for Free (mate)
Speakerboxx/The Love Below

Albums – probably ‘cult’ or ‘seminal’ – that I know well and should have bought second-hand rather than spending the equivalent on an import 12 for the latest ultra-new ‘sound’
A Love Supreme
Lady Sings the Blues
Forever Changes (Love)
After the Gold Rush
Five Leaves Left
The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars
Trans-Europe Express
Fear of Music
The Queen is Dead
Grace (Jeff Buckley)

Albums that I would like but, to be honest, I make do with the signature tunes from compilations or hear enough anyway on radio or out and about, etc
Let it Bleed
The Doors
I Never Loved a Man the Way I Love You (Aretha)
Exile on Main Street
Blue (Joni Mitchell)
Songs in the Key of Life
Dark Side of the Moon (I like Barrett-era Floyd)
Blood on the Tracks
All Mod Cons
Parallel Lines
Off the Wall
Searching for the Young Soul Rebels
Sign o’ the Times
Appetite for Destruction
Automatic for the People
Different Class (Pulp)
Is This it (Strokes)
Elephant (White Stripes)

Albums that I have been familiar with but have little time for these days
One Step Beyond
Brothers in Arms (the one lp my dad owned!)
What’s The Tory?
The Fat of the Land
The Libertines

Albums that have not been, are not and never will be in my world
The Sun Sessions (Elvis)
Songs for Swingin' Lovers!
Dusty in Memphis
Tommy (love Who, loathe rock opera)
Hotel California
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (E. John)
A shite at the Opera (Queen)
Fridge Over Troubled Water
Bat Out Of Smell
Born to Run
Every Picture Smells a Story (Rod Stewart)
Arrival (Abba)
Saturday Night Fever (love disco, hate bee-gees)
Rio (Duran)
Hounds of Love
Graceland (or How I Dragged ‘World’ Music back 20 years)
Like a Prayer
Blood Sugar Sex Magik
Jagged Little Pill
I’ve Been Expecting You (Rabid Williams)
No Angel
Marshall Mathers LP
Play (on adverts – Moby)

Albums that, on later checking, my wife owns which I will now listen to
OK Computer

That should be the century. I could have divided the “never in my world” lot into “averse to” and “proper hatred of” for clarification: Kate Bush, for example, shouldn’t get lumped in with that Elton/Queen/Meatloaf operatic ballsy piss, which can get fucked. In summary it is clear that, the odd curveball aside, I have frequently shown a desire to apply for subscription to the Canon, but either couldn’t be arsed or couldn’t afford to. The desire to share a handshake with its Cult subsidiary was also subverted by the ticking and bleeping of electronic dance music (unrepresented here of course), while perhaps unhealthy obsessions were retained in the output of the British hedonists.
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