Saturday, October 29, 2005

Generic mishap

The latest taste barometer of the Style, section 11 of 29 in the Sunday Crimes, made me wince at its sheer try-hard, trend-obsessed desperation. In Going Down was “breakcore and dubstep – that crazy-fast BPM gives us heart palpitations. We’re recovering with reggae”.
Sure shores. Do they realise dubstep is so slow as to be necrotic, an anti-dance music? Are they even aware of labels like Ad Noiseam or Brooklyn Beats, or been feeling Rupture or Shitmat? Are Ministry doing compilations of either microgenre already? Are the well-heeled Times hacks heading out from Wapping to grimey weekends dos on the East London margins? I think not.
Stick to what you know, knobheads (product placement advertorials masquerading as “couture”).
This isn’t breakstep or dubcore, but it should give you heart palpitations:

Deluxe breathing techniques required...
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