Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Look right now

Not a full post, but one to bring your attention to the listing of long-overdue links (some requited, some not). this will be amended and extended in time. Unlike the affiliated but separate Cull, these won't include the esteemed artists, thinkers and musicians based at Cinestatic Central.

Sonic news is thin on the ground. in an act of almost pathetic vanity, I am trying to re-edit a few tracks to get pressed up on vinyl at one of those bespoke services. What is also not quite there is a 'jungelectro' mix sent by a mate in Peterborough; won't seem to work in either macs, pcs or cds. A pity, as it will be getting streamed here if it's any good. With a brand new OSX system in my computer at work, getting through the days is a lot easier by the online streaming of Sub FM and Dark FM - it doesn't grate hearing regular rewinds of the former's dubstep anthems while the latter's drum and bass hits a nice blend between the classics and demonstrating the genre's depth.

d&b and breakbeat were the genres in peak-time favour at SEED's Soviet night at the Coronet a few weeks ago, a night of an odd conflation of styles. Yet these SEED nights' supposed difference - is this a sweaty rave of somewhere a bit more musically challenging? - is undermined by the usual majority intent on having it and the slightly formulaic nature of most of the music, sort of just mad enough to twist already twisted minds. Did any of the acts listed play and did anybody care either way? Nevertheless, There was some interesting shapes in the aforementioned genres - a slightly modern take on the mutating hysteria of the ardkore/jungle of 92 but with that reference in mind. Was this Ardisson?
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