Friday, December 08, 2006

Music for Adverts

This one has been used for Sure!'s new sharp deoderant, but be warned it can take your legs off with too big a spray, while this is the main tune from the hit-making Even Darker Garage compilation. Christ, I've just punched my shadow back there in the primordial future. These bubbles were hyping Next's new brand of Exploding Socks, and I've still been unable to forget Paul Ross' face and Martin Clunes' vox promoting Ricky Gervais: The Rallies dvd. After that, watching the epic Mohammed of Arabia: The Eternal Returns while flopping out on the mince pies and chomping through a sofa is the only option.

they'll be added to the Djekbox soon.

(if you're seeing this after late april this has been placed here so i can link it to the links bar)
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