Wednesday, September 05, 2007

McClintock to build ideas bank with Editors

Self-styled ‘ecosexual’ party leader Jeremy McClintock today announced a pioneering brain swap scheme with leading indie rock band Editors, where each party can download the other's big ideas from a massive server in the countryside.

"I shit ideas, and I know the Editors too," says McClintock. "So it makes sense not to waste them on lesser schemes."

The deal, which comes hot on the heels of having Chris Martin play soccer for the Maasai, was brokered by urban facilitation foundation DUFF, Bono-led venture capital fund Elevation Partners and 1FM’s Jo Whiley.

Close friends of Editors admitted they had been impressed by McClintock’s immersion in issues as diverse as wasting water and the homeless of East London. A meeting at the Summer Sappfest in Dorset was thought to have sealed the bond.

It is not known where the vast bank of servers big enough to store all their grandiose proposals will be stored.

Says Jeremy: “These guys tackle the serious business of capitalist realism head on. Singer Tom Smith looks like a stockbroker, and he sings like one too, but they know there are real issues out there.”

“I have yet to see or hear a more profound treatment of the 1972 Israeli hostage crisis at the German Olympics than their ‘Munich’. Corporate indie is their baton to run with.

Says Tom Smith of the Editors: “We all know about trying and trying until the public give in and buy your stuff. We're convinced Jeremy and his agenda will eventually storm parliament, even if it’s partly with our ideas.

“It’s a pity we didn’t get to him in time to stop his cock plan.”

McClintock has already put his distinctive stamp on the Editors’ output, teaming up with south London producer The Djekyll to ‘refix’ Eds smash An End Has a Start.

Adds the Right Path Party leader: “We met the guy through our grime golf project in Southwark and Lewisham boroughs, and he barely needed any persuading to get involved.” Click to hear it.
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