Friday, February 13, 2009

Squeeze the square into the circle

Never one for generic fidelity, Ministry have seen fit to include ’08 underground smash/’09 overground smash Kid Cudi’s Day ‘N Nite in their latest Sound of Bassline II comp. Can’t say I know my bassline but Crooker’s take on the hip-houser has more euro characteristics in its synth-riff and robot house rhythm than British post-garage wobble. Then again, those stock digital sounds are pretty much ubiquitous in every genre now, it’s just a question of emphasis.

Such a bung-it-all-together attitude from an avowedly mass-market provider doesn’t tend to matter on a retro comp but when they’re trying to be Now, it just looks slack, or suggests the chosen scene needs more weight. We’re assured it’s not anything beyond co-incidence that their Data affiliate is putting out Cudi’s mainstream release in the UK.

Buy Sound of Bassline II in all good petrol stations now. If you do want Cudi for that weekend shuffle, bypass Ministry and download it here among other places.
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