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Top 10 of the 2000s - Starrzinho's faves

Another mate's contribution to the decade's review: Manchester-born and Blue, Marc was there at the Hac/Madchester explosion and I met him shortly after at Leeds, where his tastes had got rockier and more global (the first tape he gave me had Rage Against the Machine on one side and MC Solaar on the other). During the 90s he spent significant periods in Spain, Portugal and Brazil becoming fluent in those languages and those countries inform his spectrum of music to this day. On returning to Manchester after the millenium he did quite bit of DJing in various insalubrious dens around town, and a lot of reviews for Flux Magazine. He also had a percussion role on Doves' There Goes The Fear and has played with them at Brixton Academy and elsewhere; indeed one day we could see the huge drums he had imported over from northeast Brazil and his own rhythmic vision put to creative use in the studio. Fair to say Marc made me realise the energy and hedonic potential of rock and other non-rave musics, and his selections have a nice disdain for the vagaries of fashion and pigeonholing. Here's the songs that have moved him over the last 10 years:

Nacao Zumbi - Arrancando As Tripas
Nacao Zumbi - O Carimbo
Seelenluft - Manila
Brazilian Girls - Don't Stop
Queens of the Stone Age - Hanging Tree
The Strokes - Reptilia
Datarock - Fa Fa Fa
The Young Knives - Here Comes The Rumour Mill
Konono No1 - Paradiso
Doves - Here It Comes
Mestre Ambrosio - Canaina
Mist+Mast - Turn Into The Turn
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Way Out
New Order - Crystal
The Red Thread - All In
The Shins - New Slang
Smog - Drinking At The Dam
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Spread Your Love
Snap Ant - Grumpy Nymph
Hot Hot Heat - Middle Of Nowhere
Carlinhos Brown - My Honey
Black Alien & Speed – Follow Me, Follow Me
PJ Harvey - The Letter
Whomadewho - Cigar
Heron - Turn The Page

That's just a list, so I got him to expand on a few of the more obscure selections:

Brazilian Girls: 'A track I heard on a compilation and liked the remix, which is the version I'm referring to - Riton (Henry Smithson) used to work at Fat City and be on their label, and has also appeared as Gucci Sound System and Eine Kleine Nacht Musik and is said to be working on a 'krautrock' act with Soulwax as Die Verboten.

Mestre Ambrosio: one of the most remarkable bands I've ever seen. A group specialising in revamping the traditional music of Pernambuco in NE Brazil. They use a traditional violin-like instrument called a Rabeca.

The Red Thread: they're from northern California and the main creative force in the band, a bloke called Jason Lakis, has since formed a new band called Mist & Mast (you can download the album if you sign up here). I think he's wasted on playing gigs confined to his home area and they will hopefully become a band a bit like the Flaming Lips that slowly becomes hugely loved but over about 24 albums.

Snap Ant: a real maverick, from Liverpool, a record I got off Flux and among the few records I can't even remotely begin to categorise, all the more reason for loving his stuff.

Tejo, Black Alien & Speed: the work of a Sao Paulo producer and a Niteroi (neighbouring Rio city) rap duo, Follow Me or Quem que cagüetou? was a tune used on an advert [for the Nissan X-Trail] and sounds like a highly charged hybrid of drum and bass and rio funk.'
I digged a bit more on this one and it seems this is a real Brazilian street anthem (although one a bit more for os meninos). Its advertised fame eventually led to that most unfortunate of fates, a remix by Fatboy Slim, but here it is on a live televised pa:

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