Thursday, January 21, 2010

How I came by the beat, part 37

My search for that tune I was banging out on the M1 and banging on about here did not yield instant gratification. It started on Nihal's page - he said Nucleya's Beat One but YouTube merely had what must be the original, so i then started going through tunes either side - one tune by Nuphlo suggested he might have remixed this. So a search on that finally got me there, Nihal having recently uploaded it on Soundcloud, with the knowledge that Nuphlo is a Birmingham-Leeds dubsteppa who's been knocking them out for a while as well as a NZ-based 'pump manufacturer of stainless steel pumps and sanitary pumps' (love the convergence of street id and civil engineering).

Beat 1 Nuphlo Remix by Nucleya by DJ Nihal

Rough midweights, flashing 8-bits, sick drops, little steppa beat riding the undertow, Indian siren vox disembodied beyond autotune. It is pretty heavy alright. But does it sound as good now as when it was banged out on the M1. Possibly not, but maybe that's the point!

He's playing at Whitechapel Art Gallery tomorrow night, a good opportunity to hear more if i can get out of work on time.

While we're at it let's embed the other tune to make a big impression on the drive - Darkstar's Need You, which Thom Yorke played before exclaiming 'All power to Hyperdub' or something similar (it's on the five-year comp). The brittle bass is the driver here, with atmospheric medievals putting it firmly in a 'gothage' genre of its own.
Darkstar ::: Need You by dissonanze
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