Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mix plug

My new mix is done. It’s being sent out to ‘grateful recipients’ now and is online here, the first time I have decided to clog the already glutted online space with 70MB or so of music. Reach for it here.

The title ‘Winter mix’ denotes only the time of its preparation; the main aim was to build as many beatless (if not necessarily 'ambient') moments into the ensemble. Relative to that are little snatched moments of dialogue dotted along the route like blair @ chilcot and several bridges between longer tunes. Thematically, a hectic dance introduction gives way to pastoral moments, setting the scene for a variety of mood-changers. ‘Dancey’ tunes drop in, to be displaced soon after by different elements. It’s very post-rave in flavour while still acknowledging the pull of a floorfiller. It is far from being genre-specific or specialist in flavour.

Though I did not actively dig through every record or cd for hidden gems, an archival trawl thru the mind is harder to resist so older gems such as Spin Spin Sugar or Link’s Amenity that could fit were worked in. There was also an effort to get a little tribute in for Trish Keenan.

This self-hype is getting all very wanky, so I’ll add that probably 75% of the 30 or so of the tunes are from digital, media with only a handful from records or CDs. There are many free downloads (the modern equivalent of you being given a tape of stuff and then you putting a tune on a comp of your own), but all seemed to be from legal hosts acting in good faith. The pictures are Photoshop treatments of Twyford Down. Please get in touch if cease and desist measures seem appropriate! But otherwise begin your search for the sonic essence here, after which we can get into why i am so keen to impress people i hardly or do not even know.

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