Friday, January 20, 2012

Come here and I’ll point you elsewhere

Two recent posts on the decadal blogs in lieu of genuine activity here. The most recent looks at social trends, general drinkin’ and druggin’ and surprisingly conservative outlooks in four of the most successful 00s comedies, The Office (release the mongs for mickey taking), Peepshow, Nathan Barley (or ‘Cunt’, as you prefer) and the Mighty Boosh. From Hosegate’s Bottle Row to the offices of JBL Credit, people just want to be loved and feel secure, but stuff keeps getting in the way.

The likes of Jez and Mark or Vince Noir would have got out of the way of the Casuals, the often violent but always fashionable tribe of young men who came to prominence in an era of Thatcherite atomisation (with a fine tangent on the theme here). I’m told they’re still going just like feudal capitalism or the monarchy but in a culture that enshrines heritage and never lets go that’s hardly a sign of relevance. In the 90s I imagined they’d strut around pubs and bars listening to slow-burning postering growlers like this, but maybe that was just me. Certainly, click on any Tube of it ‘going off’ and doof techno or frenetic indie rock landfill like Maximo Park is more likely to be soundtracking the action.

More here soon honest.
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