Thursday, November 25, 2010

Hacked to death

Terminal 403 error! WhoreCull is dead. And appropriately it has been hacked to death. McGroot is vomiting into his crackpipe.

Seriously the black-period version (roughly 2004 onwards) is no more, even the database of back-end content. Hacked beyond all recognition. Guess its Mambo architecture was open source.

As Zen Cat who was looking into it said: ‘There is no content I can salvage from your old site’.

Gutted. Some of this shit – like ‘Chris Martin from Foldclay bathes in oceans of sure’ – had 10,000 hits (cheers spambots!). Some of it was just shit. Whatever, we can no longer say like Graham Taylor that 'cameras r 'ere', observing and mediating on the modern hell.

Favourite was Frank Capri’s immediate denunciation of Israeli pounding of Leb in 2006, and predicting the winner of the conflict (Hezbollah + Lebanon).

So for any Cullage you need reach/wretch for yellow-era content on the cinestatic zombie (mostly off the ‘zines, and generally better standard). Ta.
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