Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Creative SE1

As Deptford X gets ready to launch on Friday week, it's worth linking to the interview with artist Mark Titchner in Lewisham Life, and providing a pic of his piece outside the Art House foundation by the school on Red Cross way, which bears a stirring communist message in 'Nothing for myself that is not also for others'. In its eerie and deserted nocturnal setting here (indeed i walked past and only realised where it was on doubling back), it looks even more like a cross between graffiti and an advert, appearing from nowhere like on the back of a warehouse. Going back in the daytime tomorrow and risking the wrath of the school by capturing the bold and bright imagery!

For now, there's better pics on his own blog.

While wandering south of Southwark Street I also spotted the excellent looking Jellyfish Theatre next to the school and foundation on Union Street. It is a 'salvaged' creative space that has been developed solely out of recycled materials by two Berlin artists for the Oikos Project. It recently opened to the public and its first play is running until 18 September.
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