Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Old-skool .Ram file

Nous re-presentons Don and I’s first radio stream – nearly two years old but perhaps fresher and worth linking through somewhere more now (ie, here). Listen here. Chronogeneric-themed mixes, Cull skits, Djekyll cuts, jingles, embarrassing voiceover, comic beats, new beats (well, in 04), American presenters, twatty British ones, et al.

It’s a RAM file so PC users will fare better. Going to be better integrated to mix straight from mixer into useable files so look out for more viable product soon. Beware mindlessly incompetent sections, inaccuracies such as saying some dialogue was from Jam not Brasseye or wherever and bad breaks throughout… Cullstream - What does it contain?

* Semitic Djekyll Reading, Aldershot, Bracknell
* Three Sinister Syllables Track 5 of Pro Celebrity Golf
* Semitic Djekyll Sure
* Underdog beats vs The Almighty/Ivor Cutlers RIPs
* Bonzo Dog Band Mr Apollo
* Egophone Iain Duncan Smith
* Max Rockadansky introduces 70s-90s Rock & Dance Classics
* Electronic System Disco Machine/Human League Do or Die/Paul Jacobs Soul Grabber pt 4 remix/
* The Fall Stepping Out/Souxsie & The Banshees Halloween/My Bloody Valentine Honeypower
* Fox Report
* Interview: Sergeant Sodomy Symons
* Jemmica Smeels Women Must End
* Sonic Porn
New beats from Radian/Kode Nine & Daddy Gee Stalker/Saul Williams Not in My Name/MIA Sunshowers/Paul Kalkbrenner Marbles
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