Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Dance music condemned

"It's not just Eric Prydz, much of contemporary dance music relies on sampling not just chord and riffs but huge chunks of others artists' back catalogues."
Phew! trenchant words from Conservative Surrey Heath MP Michael Gove, drilling down to the big issues for any politician. Mind you, I guess the muppet is appealing to the obvious impulses of the electorate in his constituency, Camberley Apathy Central. He goes on, to address historical matters:
"The superiority of Blur over Oasis, a superiority underlined by Damon Albarn's continuing creativity while the Gallaghers rest on their loyalties [super pun!], lay in Blur's subtle capturing of the inspiration of past bands, in contrast to Oasis' cruder appropriation of pubby nostalgia."

Mickey, train your eye away from popular culture, forget this old duel and delete the bloated mock-bombast of Country House from your iPed. Gove was speaking in obese daily The Times.
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