Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Hot track of the weak!

The Skiddly t€ngs – Boncing
Reviewed by: Zane Kool

“When I go to work at Xfm of a morning I don’t usually expect to rely on a tune with as much delicate greatness as Boncing from The Skiddly t€ngs, a hot new band out of the Sheffield/Leeds border. These guys have been gigging fifthly, and are selling up to 7 downloads and 6 old skool a-vinyl copies a week on their own label, Phuckerie Recordings, shortly to sign to Scrape in the UK, and talk in harsh tones of jejune haste, celebreality and flicking one’s fringe too fast. Using trademark neo-rave arpeggiated riffs, juddery monosounds and a frenetic drums and bass workout by the rhythm section Seth and The Cat get us going. People say vocalist Van’s delivery is too triehard mockney, but they’d be wrong to disrespect the exuberant whelps. The band bring it down to a chorus where you need to be ready to go deep, then off we go on their pinky ponk again. Catch them at the Camden Scant on April 72nd and a late set at Bar Bariti in Shoreditch on May 111th the before they skyrocket….” (streams on for another few paras)”
Don’t be silly, It’s
Arzen by Semitical and it has no immaculately recorded guitar bass vox or keyboards at all.
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