Wednesday, February 06, 2008

: Temporal headstates examined >>>

Or ‘the past was yours but the present’s mine’
“I don’t like looking back. I want to be in the present looking forward. It’s hard having been in this group with this story, but really for me once something is done it’s time to move forward.
“The past is like a dream, it’s like it never existed. The present is something you can touch, feel, smell… By now I’ve dealt with whatever I needed to deal with, and it’s gone. If you dwell on the past too much it stops you dealing with the present, where your life actually is.”
Bernard Sumner, from Morley’s JD: Piece by Piece.

Hit up this excerpt of McClintock assessing Moral Hazard...

and nous representons the trailer on YouthTube...

In other news, my turntable-into-digital computer mix thing worked! and the komputer, with some post-production ie copying and pasting and effecting, is occasionally burning the CD. So do the necessaries to shore yourself off of a copy. I tried to get as much bass of it as possible, honest. You can probably make out the final listing from the image below. It's all about the 2007, which is so 2006.
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