Monday, April 28, 2008

Geoff Barrow: Mark Ronson is to Soul Music...

... what Shakin Stevens is to Rock 'n Roll"
Saw this in Mojo over a man's shoulder while on the 8:30 to Sutton and had to laugh. Ten seconds looking at images of the Brit New Yorker funking his guitar off, or indeed walking back to Amy-Lily-Sadie-Kate's at 4am, and the rock-soul man's sheeny oeuvre begins to grate. You know how serious producers disdain to mix business with pleasure, Marky Mark. And apparently this little spat has a bit of history.
Given that this post was mainly a vehicle to upload the the rmx as outlined in the previous post, that could well make me what DJ Otzi is to house. Crinkle-christ!
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