Monday, June 16, 2008

Scorching back

My Bloody Valentine returned to live performance on Friday 13 June with a rehearsal gig for their few UK comeback dates. They did an expected set of purely 87-91 Creation albums and EPs.

The a-side of the awesome 1990 ep, Soon and Glider (repetitive sliding technicolour bursts precede industrial dystopia) is represented. Agree with Bliss that a favourite is the grungey e-bounce of Slow on the 88 You Made Me Realise 12, and that an album of the eps would make curatorial sense. A lot of the best bands only need around 20 or so great tracks to really make their mark, not walls and walls of careerist, new creative directions and churned lps ad infinitum. The percussive trances and quiescent tones of the last ep, Honeypower excepted (a great track despite being one of their most conventional, feel the warmth of the alternative post-new wave bass!), were a kind of endgame for Shields and co.

But as Paphides says on Quietus, the idea of this being retro or nostalgist doesn’t make sense when you consider the black hole of regress that followed MBV in the indie rock arena at least. Even without new output, they can make this short tour a huge blast of infinite present! All of which leaves me slowly relenting to my philistine “tickets are too expensive” attitude when the tour was first announced. It might be time to leave the records upstairs for the experience to go search for a spare.

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