Wednesday, March 11, 2009

BBC comedy bites UKG smash

'Nuum support has come from the surprising quarter of comic actors Horne and Corden -who use Oxide & Neutrino smash Bound 4 Da Reload for a dance routine on their new sketch show, adding the call and response 'Stop Gun Crime' (such right-on concerns offset in their import by jokey evening ballroom wear). It's no surprise this latest 'we've been involved in a hit sitcom, so can we have our own series' format is mostly disappointing, with a disturbing reliance on the fat and thin men taking their clothes off, so this sketch, benefiting from throwing the viewer back to more fecund times for UK Street Dance Music Inc, was one of the more successful. H (Gavin) & C (Smithy) looked as though they had dabbled in the more mainstream end of the havin' it experience from one or two scenes in the hit Billericay/Barry comedy.

Check the uTube original (around 350,000 hits) if you don't want to look at wobbly pasty men chucking shapes.

Otherwise, this is a quick post to mark the freshening up of this page, new logo, links to blogs consolidated and expanded, a bit about the TrainFame and, most important given this is a music blog, links to some of the main places I have been going to for free music. Mostly the online arms of print magazines, these have been an invaluable source of new sounds, especially mixes such as Jamie Vex’D’s on Wonky and the now-infamous Zomby does Hardcore (yes, the ’92 era was that exciting) but also neat one-offs such as Flying Lotus’ cold take on Kanye’s Love Lockdown. I daresay this route is actually exceeding the vinyl, CDs or paid-for downloads, but music acts now recognise the importance of promoting themselves via pushing a few tunes to one of the legitimate online portals listed.

Let me also draw your attention to a second generation of Sonic Truthists, marking their difference from the first by actually getting their stuff out.

At this rate of Web II uptake, I’ll be getting the hang of Last FM and Spotify some time in 2012.
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