Friday, June 19, 2009

Theory bump

Just as it should be, it's an actual tune that has done the best justifying of the continuum talk, though it has come from a theorist's camp. Cooly G's ep on Kode9's Hyperdub offers two belters in Narst and Love Dub.

Narst is all early Wiley ominous strings with a banging undercurrent and firm subs redolent of early Warp amid hints of soca/funky influence. Love Dub pays homage to the often overlooked jazzy elements of peak-era jungle, with woozy early morning keys, seriously loose drums of varying timbre and pattern and Cooly's (?) sirenade dropping in and out. Quite literally lovely. And there's almost no chance this could have been on a nice balearic comedown tape in the early 90s (actually there is - i love the fact she is not afraid of talking about 'deep house'). The refix is a bit more soundsystem-friendly.

Hyperdub 20 is out today. Get behind it.
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