Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New microgenre alert

Motor’s rmx of Kanye West’s Robocop (from the forthcoming film) is not likely to make the CALL playlist, where more party-oriented fare rather than ‘death rave’ will be required. This grinding French-US techno act has spent a few years on Nova Mute churning out mechanihilist output (I’m a fan of their Stuka Stunt/Junker twelve from 2005; it sits nicely with Vitalic and all the spazz) but have seen their profile raised through touring with Depeche Mode.

Motor have whacked on the hoovers for this remix, engendering typical ‘this is the shit/this is just shit’ cleavage among the downloaders and instant reactors over at Rcdbl. Kind of like electroclash with all the faux personality replaced by cold artless logos and another bank of machines that go ‘whrr’ rather a lot. If they are in hock to technofuturism, the white heat of continuous human upgrade, they send it up with typical arthouse representation, suggesting they're just as interested in the process of mediatisation.

The comparison with Human Resources’ Dominator is an obvious one (although probably not especially to them because the hoover sound has never really gone away from certain strains of European techno), but any such link must acknowledge key cultural differences. Motor’s going for schlock levels of 11 will not divide a whole community like it did when rave was in such a vortex people cared but had no clue where it was going, and in a modern milieu people are dead used to really shocking sounds like so much that they’re not, like, really shocking at all and probably a bit last Wednesday for some.

But while we’re at it let’s have it to the original hoover-shock (and also admire the KMS’s great meld of breakbeat and 909s):

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