Friday, September 04, 2009

Found: Antichrist’s evil sonic twin

It came darting out through thick digital undergrowth yesterday, alerting my hapless humanity to its evil presence with a conceited triumphant howl. Happy to make diabolic pact with nature, the better to wrack psychological ruin on its listeners, Yoga’s Megafauna combines the primal (ie, guitars loaded up to the hilt with FX for full distortion) lurches of a very dark ambient sound with subhuman violation on the cover. Darker still if not as heavy than the mere isolation/alienation of Sunn O))) and co, it’s a potent brew, out on the Holy Mountain label. Check some of the track titles – Seventh Mind, the Hidden People, Chupacabra’s Rotten Flesh, entreaties to ditch rhythmic surface to lose yourself in wooded depth. Overdub some of these tracks on the centrepiece scenes with Willem ‘the arse’ Defoe and Charlotte Gainsbourg, and we’d be even more bewitched by their/our endless post-lapserian descent. Don’t smoke a number beforehand.
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