Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Elephantine tower

It started out as the planned Eco Tower on the site of the neglected Castle House complex. Now it’s a 40-storey-plus ‘scraper already topped out and is beginning to dominate not only the local landscape but also from where I work further up in Southwark and beyond. It has been renamed the appropriately minimal-modern blandism of ‘Strata’ Tower, or, if you like, the electric razor. Whether we like it or not, this will be a landmark building; hope the planned wind turbines that will power up the mostly residential block are on course for completion too. Elephant regen then? Absa-surely.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

That tower news is not good. I've noted this sleek leviathan jerking off all over the increasingly boarded-up Heygate for some months now and wondered if anyone will actually be able to ascend its ugly contours, by leg or lift, let alone enjoy a pleasant little kippage on a Sunday arvo. Oh well, I'm sure there'll be plenty of cash stuffed gits vying for a top table at the gentrification party

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