Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Riding the Boris/Barclays blue lane

Media coverage announcing their launch gave the impression that the new London bike lanes are an old school piece of solo civic improvement. But no Boris turned to his old pals in the city. As i took my occasional route northwards from the bottom of Southwark Bridge Road at the Elephant, I recognised that these wide lanes are in fact the Barclays Cycle Superhighways (spot the virtual web connotation) , which may explain not only their laser blue hue (a bit lurid on a road) but why they're likely to have no discernible improving effect on society.

Fair enough it's a nice initiative and i hope it adds to the numbers of cyclists on the roads/reduces the numbers of polluters but it can only be up to the cyclists themselves to be assertive enough to guarantee their own safety, and a blue strip shouldnt make much difference in this regard at our capital's junctions of imminent danger.

Of course any investment by Barclays in these lanes will be offset with revenue from the soon-to-launch Serco run Cycle Hire Scheme.
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