Monday, May 17, 2010

Urban manna: a car that 'chooses you', to a dubstep soundtrack

Distended siren (could be La Roux?), well placed bass spasms, nicely dramatic synths and a decent post-garage riddim - it's nice to see dubstep (and I use the term in the widest possible sense rather than the wobble stereotype) has finally infected the tastemakers of the advertising world. The artists in question, French act The Film, have certainly been doing their 'nuumwork.

There's a nice moment towards the end where the new Peugeot RCZ is driving up and round a flyover past the ever changing landscape where the music's inclusion provides a perfect triangulation moderne - man, machine and dubstep in syncretic bliss. Or so the creatives thought. In that spirit, I’ve come up with a few other recurring urban settings and activities that ‘chose me’ but would benefit from a ’steppa soundtrack
* popping down the road because I forgot to get milk
* cycling like mad to the station because I’ve left it almost too late to get to work on time
* interminable waiting in queue as the local library’s soporific central heating (whacked up high even in May) claims another staff victim
* inability to attend to the admin or get anything done of substance at home as I look at the news, the forums, the tweets, the clips, tumblrs, blogs, etc, etc.
* hanging around the ‘Bankside Mix’ office and retail development for want of any decent places to go by the time I get to take my break

Scenesters shouldn't worry too much that they missed out on a blazin joint/hot new act, as The Film are an eclectic group who tend to make more song-based house/glam/rock music and who dont update their MySpace. Must have known someone at Peugeot's ad team though, as they also blagged the music for another advert of theirs in 2004.
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