Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Americana swamps Dog Kennel Hill

Finally got round to uploading some of the footage from Champion Hillbillies' gig for their lead guitarist/singer's 40th birthday, at an adventure playground hut off Dog Kennel Hill a fortnight ago. It had to be moved from Dulwich Athletic's clubhouse after the knife attack related to a party there the night before, so the police were out in force round Sainsbury's. Dan did them proud on bass, and my partner Amanda played accordion for a few numbers, including this one (they also do a tidy take on Pixies' Here Comes the Man). Try as I might i could not rescue my awful footage thru iMovie but even with the grainy darkness it's still worth a watch as they romp through Frankie's Gun from the Felice Brothers, the popular upstate New York band.

Hopefully add the two-band encore in next few days.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kind words Murray, and the grainy footage, too. We look much more dangerous and handsome!

Hillbilly Brett

4:08 pm  

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