Thursday, May 24, 2012

London dives into Games-related trouble

Of course it's not the Games itself that's the problem (well no more than any other capitalist-realist entertainment vehicle), it's the massive, £9bn-plus investment that we can't afford (but only benefits the already overprivileged capital), the hike in property values and rent that puts even more people at risk, the war footing that is deemed necessary (residents of Blackheath, Bow flats and Oxlea Woods were never consulted), the general ratcheting up of security. Sculptural folly and architectural infantilism (not just in E15). Brand new parks that no one is yet allowed into, that offer no hint of the industrial area that came before, And with the the fucking Jubilee coming in the same year, it's the whole upsurge in Keep Drugged and Enjoy the Spectacle folksy denial, by the only groups who are allowed anywhere near the Stratford site - vetted members of the day-tripping middle class who can afford the rip-off. When such disproportionate efforts go into ensuring athletes can do a bit of track 'n field, you know something's not right. With all that on the tab for IhateSebastian Coe's project, expect protest.

Enjoy the Games!

Artwork was spotted on Park Street, Bankside, SE1, on the walls of another costly and exclusive development. If I've got the right artist, see more of their art here.

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