Monday, November 26, 2012

The Hex Factor 2012

After my own False Consciousness diversion, Sonic Truth once again proudly hosts the latest Hex Factor year-end mix of danceable rock goodness by DJ Corky. These are his words:

If the Mayans/conspiracy theorists are right, this is the year the world ends and you have but days to listen to the Hex Factor 2012, this year’s mix of the records that moved me like no others.

2012 has been another year of doom and gloom - continuing austerity, spending cuts and wage freezes, freak weather and floods, celebrity paedophiles and political sleaze, the never-ending wars, enlivened by hell freezing over as City won the league.

This year took me to places I’ve never been before, including Eastbourne in winter, not a pretty sight! Musically I made some new discoveries, including Pop 1280, Savages, Soft Moon and Haxan Cloak (not included here for reasons of track length, but well worth checking out). I think this is the first year that a cover version made the Hex Factor and it was also the first time I’ve eaten gluten-free wedding cake.

Old favourites Factory Floor, School of Seven Bells and a resurgent Jon Spencer Blues Explosion continue to delight. For the second year running, Blackest Ever Black is my label of the year and the event at Corsica Studios has already been blogged so I won’t harp on about it here.

If you are reading this, I’m assuming you don’t watch the X-Factor, but if you are, I hope it’s because you actually enjoy it and not just so you can spend Saturday night filling up my twitter timeline with your oh so ironic comments.

Remember to dress in black, wear pointy shoes and don’t take sweets from Jimmy Savile.

Download from dropbox here.

You can buy the individual tracks on vinyl from your local record store, digitally via your MP3 purveyor of click through to the bands’ websites

The Soft Moon / Factory Floor / CREEP / O Children / Crystal Castles / A Place to Bury Strangers / Kontravoid / Mark Lanegan / VCMG / Pop.1280 / Powell / Cut Hands / Liars / Tindersticks / Erol Alkan / Ike Yard / Tropic of Cancer / Midnight Davis / Chapman Family / Deathface / JSBX / Savages / Haxan Cloak

and here's his Hex Factor 2011.

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