Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Server central

Got a moment to go round taking pictures of Sampson House on Hopton Street, to the east of the top of Blackfriars Road by the Thames, west of the bling jigsaw Neo development and southwest of that symbol of regenerated industrial heritage, the Tate Modern. It was built in 1976-79 and first used by Lloyds as a processing centre and is now IBM's main data recovery centre. It's a brutalist wonder mixing mini towers with faceless, inscrutable and long floors that for all that is rarely uniform over a large area. There is a 'mutual break clause' on the lease in 2018, at which point i hope it avoids the inevitable drive to knock it down for yuppie flats. Reuse it as a university science building, or a modernist museum.

Fascination with the building can only grow as people make more use of the quiet square behind the Thamesside flats and spot it from the transpontine end of the glassed up station Blackfriars, as well as from new towers throwing shapes either side of the top of Blackfriars Road.

This one from inside Blackfriars station, so excuse the glass glare. Clearly shows how levels protude then recede as they interact with lift or stair towers.
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This is cool!

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