Thursday, February 11, 2016

Scope, scapes and shape - a 2016 mix

KlikB8 101 - Scope, scapes and shape is the first Sonic Truth mix that is purely online only. I was working on the basis of it going on Mixcloud so didn't restrict myself to the 80-minute CD limit - therefore if I burn copies I will have had to do an edit that doesn't reflect the desired progression. No longer using a cracked copy of Sound Studio, my partner's new Mac didn't have anything comparable (Logic or Garageband are too fussy for these purposes) so i downloaded a trial copy of Twisted Wave; worked pretty well. Likewise, although the odd track was taken off a legacy CD and transferred between computers, much of the music is now coming straight off Bandcamp releases, reflecting the dominance and ease of use of that platform

Though there's the usual attempt at spanning the genres - although I am now almost completely unshackled from indie rock - but also an unapologetic doubling up of material from a few releases, whether an artist album or compilation. This just reflects the fact that I'm finding things I really like and sticking to them - the Boxed Ldn instru-grime compilation (Glot and JT the Goon), Talbot Fade (the bridge between Selected Ambient Works and Burial), Gerd Janson's very tidy Music for Autobahns II (Shan and Disco Nihilist). The same goes for Julie Holter on her now quite old Live Recordings - an artist i took a while to tune into even though there is never any doubt i would like her style (and seeing her at Oval this Monday!).

I make it at least eight 'old' (a year-plus) tracks but there's hot new stuff too - Egyptian Bionic Ahmed on Lee Gamble's label and Oliver Coates' finely quirky cover on the fine Front & Follow remix compilation of Laura Cannell. The mix also spans the decades as Talbot Fade's Weathered Sunrise sneaks out of its inspiration, the Prodigy's Weather Experience. Hope it works.

There's the usual curios (Manchester's infamous Beetham Tower winterval hum kicking us off; speak and spell Satie); 'comic' moments like Palin's landmark endorsement of Trump and Cameron sampled by Alias Djekyll tune; and mates' contributions - Opium Harlot. So as ever it'll sound odd and no doubt incomprehensible to many an ear, but it works for me.

TRACKLISTING the beetham tower hum
laura cannell - deers bark (oliver coates rmx)
eric satie - bonjour biqui bonjour
julia holter - with loue to toune
tropic of cancer - when the dog bites
the prodigy - weather experience
talbot fade - weathered sunrise
dva - ganja (french fries remix)
glot - purp drip (mike midnight rmx)
semitic djekyll - moveXcam
sir spyro - side by side
jt the goon - broken floor
opium harlot - chicken of the sea
bionic ahmed - 131001G
savages - t.i.w.y.g
clark - so malleable
boardgame james - ocean bluetooth (talbot fade rmx)
shan - awakening
julia holter - hello stranger
bugge wesseltoft - (all i wanted was to make you) feel good
brtsh knights - outta your mind
nozinja - n’wanga i jesu
beta librae - bangs dub
disco nihilist - melancholy
governor palin - proud clingers of our guns and daughters
new order - tutti frutti
roberto roena - que se sepa

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