Monday, May 15, 2006

Ok try this

the medieval parasitic jousters one has been replaced by an entropic, petrified little number: Solace.mp3

So we went to southern France for a week (sur l’Eurostar et TGV) but were woefully unprepared music-wise. Usual case of grab a few of the current listens and that’ll do (I refused to leave the laptop at home so we played ‘em through there). My pregnant wife rightly pointed out there was no gentle-rocking acoustica, no weird but ultimately reassuring folktronica. Magnetophone’s psych-glitch didn’t hit her spot, neither did the beatless drones off one side of the old Kranky compilation or most of the cold euro squiggles on Styles & Lazarus’ Get Lost (get retuned!). Yet she said the unborn littl’uns were moving around to Moonstarr’s beautiful Detroit paean (called, er, ‘Detroit”) off that comp, so we had one shared musi moment in seven days.

Oh stop trying. We’ve had our chin on these for days
Jeekey Links “Buried Offal”
Jeffbridges "Hangover” (SL Jackson rmx)
The New Definites “Mama we're all sure now"
The Gesticulators “Directionless Vibe” (Auntie Squint un-mix)
Interpelt Justice “Speak Machine”
Lost Hexagon "Turmoil in Termite Hill"
Foldclay "Reach out"
Foldclay “Sorry, That’s Mine” (live at Buck House!)
Mister Microsoft "Alt Ctrl Alt Ctrl Alt Delete Bollokks”
Freezing Spangles "Faced down by the man"
Part Collectors “Darren”
Roxanne Shanti "Don't Lucknow"
DJ Clippy "The Lighter" (Flame Higher rerub)
Nedmond Splick The Day it All Fell Down”
Crapsicule "Lost Ostrich"
Pillip “Bounce Files”
Bounty Round Crew “Solid Phweeps”
Nelson Nutbury “How Could You?”
Rambleweight “Nick Frost in Translation”
And I’m still drowning in…
Jizzy Fresh “Easy Hump” (Max and Mitch mix)
to mention this mash-up…
Richard Clayderman Slaps Jame Galway (Eamonn Holmes size mix)

Lastly, Cobalt Dave’s “Thank Me” weighs the boom right now, but I'm sure it was nicked from Plenty Beaucoup - "You saw me, and I stuttered". Keep rocking the bureaux!
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