Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Repping the channels

"It’s not clear how popular grime is (especially with the danceable garage genres claiming a lot of the space), but it’s clear that the music’s current realist mode isn’t helping... doubtless there are still real quantas of innovation, but generally the soundtrack is bleak, the rhythms monotonous (often devoid of funk at all), the outlook non-escapist and the overall quality lacking (not helped by the ‘numm seeming to stall)."

In the absence of much useful comment on the young knives, Cull wakes up to report on the subject.

And over at Jeremy McKlagstick, our Right Path Party president has taken to building up his TV profile with guest appearances on programmes about cooking, unofficially the 15th new rock and roll if Ramsay, the barely Scottish and but extremely energised man with the crayon lines in his chin, and his accepted outbursts of swearing and boorish rock backdrop are anything to go by. Jeremy's chef Perry Peters was altogether more in tune with his turquiose vibrations, as you'll see from the main clip and outtake.

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