Friday, March 13, 2009

Coming up - the charts!

In the third month of the final year of the zero-zeroes, the double 0s (please not the ‘naughties’), where is the noise and build-up for ‘Best Songs/Sounds/Albums/Squelches/Bubbles of the Decade’? Obviously there is still time for a belter to barge its way into any journalist’s carefully curated lists, but they should all be pretty much done by now, right?

It's up to me then to work the fetish for acceleration by announcing the imminent start of Truth’s Top 10 of 2000-09. It won’t be a countdown to an undisputed winner, but merely thoughts around the 10 tunes that have made the most impression on me over the period. It may or may not be chronological. There’ll be one-off posts on each of the 10, and consolidation into a whole. At the rate I go I’ll probably have finished the 10 by decade-end, but that way there’ll be room for a couple of late entrants.

So what pressure will landfill indie bring to bear on the margins? Will Stereophonics and The Enemy muscle in to their rightful place at the top of the pile, or will Basshunter gets his just dessert for his sparkling pop-dance? How will Take That's reunion be assessed in the wider course of popular music history? What of Foldclay and Bongo's outfit U2 - surely such loudhailer rock is bang up for yet more prizes? How many bands with fringes will make it in? Will there be a ban on music produced by wearers of baggy clothing? Might the backpackers lobby hard from their Surrey HQ for some UK beats? None, some or all of these will be found out presently.
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