Friday, September 18, 2009

Alma mater calling

Mrs Truth first walked off Lewisham Way and into Dixon Road to study music at Goldsmiths in 1990. Nineteen years later, she’s back there, doing the music PGCE. It’s at this stage that I honour the blogger’s unofficial visual anonymity code and resist uploading images of her distinctly permy hairdo back then. Whether it worked in more baggy days or was an 80s hangover is not clear. I had a bit of an undergrad reminisci when I saw all the promotional material for the unions, Palestinian solidarity (typos aplenty), what’s on in fresher’s week, Where Can I Get Pissed Cheaply flyers, etc. I was half expecting to see one of those old NME student guides where Miki from Lush tells us what a soak she is and Newman and Baddiel are on the cover.

Impressed to see that in among the standard issue societies - Christian Soc, Sufi Soc, Only Wear Clean Socks on a Wednesday Soc, etc – that there is a Bass Soc dedicated to furthering the worthy cause of sonic bassweight. They put on club nites, basically, and have managed to get Bristol purple wowlers Joker, Gemmy and Guido in for a night at the student union venue, the Stretch. At a fiver each that’s worth going to, although be mindful of Carl’s recent underwhelmed reaction at a similar night at Corsica Studios.

Dubstep forum post on the event with flyer
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