Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Submission to earth

Marc was in Hull on a job the other day and stumbled across Boothferry Park, Hull’s former football ground (they moved to the KC stadium in 2002). Long a mess even before it got decommissioned it seems what’s left after the demolition (including floodlights) is being allowed to be swallowed up (something that would not surprise Sean O’Brien). Said Starrzinho: “They still had the floodlight pylons standing and there were six of them – I will admit I even got quite emotional at just seeing them and imagining the light aura in the sky on a night game, and there is always something about an empty ground and something even more poignant about a decaying ground, even if it isn’t our own team.’

It would be interesting to see how much this means to the new contingent following the Tigers’ shiny new premiership era as directed by the solarium man with the nazi coats.
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