Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Earl Brutus back for more in new form

You may have read that Earl Brutus will have reformed and are headlining a stage at Glastonbury. Great news of course, but not entirely accurate as my friend George Phillips, drummer in their final incarnation and at their last-ever chaos at Hammersmith WMC, explains: 'We are called THE PRE NEW. We've been billed at Glastonbury as Earl Brutus which is a mistake although we will be doing several Brutus and World of Twist tunes along with some new stuff.'

The line-up is Jamie Fry, Gordon King, Shinya Hayashida (all from Earl Brutus/World of Twist) Laurence Bray and George, who drummed with the Bunnymen/Electrafixion on a US tour with Bowie, recorded with the Reids' sister band Sister Vanilla and Tompaulin and was last seen in bands such as The November Five, The Rules and Flick Everett.

George, who was as delirious (like Nick would have been) as I was devastated over this, added that the Pre New will do warm-up gigs at The Dublin Castle in May and the 1234 Shoreditch festival on 24 July, with Scotland's Wicker Man Festival as a possible.
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