Sunday, April 25, 2010

'Vastly overrated'

The NME informs of exclusive unseen pictures of Bongo and the Hedge's band U2 from days. Here, this serves as no more than a cue to dig out comments from Nick Kent, former rock narcissist in the age of dinosaur journalism, in the context of an Independent article on the Glastonbury line-up (and the promotion of his book, i guess):
'U2 were crap when they began and are still vastly overrated and are one of the reasons why rock music is in such a pitiful state. When groups such as Muse and U2 are the most popular bands in the world, that is really shocking to me'.
Philandrew Kershaw likened them to a 'big bag of wind' too. After their historic Glstnbry performances, expect a collab between Snoop and U2 in the usual laughable spirit of corporate diversity.
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