Thursday, November 25, 2010

Hacked to death

Terminal 403 error! WhoreCull is dead. And appropriately it has been hacked to death. McGroot is vomiting into his crackpipe.

Seriously the black-period version (roughly 2004 onwards) is no more, even the database of back-end content. Hacked beyond all recognition. Guess its Mambo architecture was open source.

As Zen Cat who was looking into it said: ‘There is no content I can salvage from your old site’.

Gutted. Some of this shit – like ‘Chris Martin from Foldclay bathes in oceans of sure’ – had 10,000 hits (cheers spambots!). Some of it was just shit. Whatever, we can no longer say like Graham Taylor that 'cameras r 'ere', observing and mediating on the modern hell.

Favourite was Frank Capri’s immediate denunciation of Israeli pounding of Leb in 2006, and predicting the winner of the conflict (Hezbollah + Lebanon).

So for any Cullage you need reach/wretch for yellow-era content on the cinestatic zombie (mostly off the ‘zines, and generally better standard). Ta.
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Friday, November 12, 2010

Derby noise

Judging by the usual fifth column of gloomsters on the Blue Moon forum, not all City fans would agree that we created our best cauldron on Wednesday night, but Telegraph writer and usual Rag triumphalist certainly heard loud and varying patterns of noise inside Eastlands:

" was through the person of Tévez, now the club's most significant player, that most of the crowd's eagerness was channelled ... You get an inkling of what the locals think of their captain in the pattern of sound within the stadium. As Nigel de Jong and Yaya Toure carefully pass the ball to each other across the midfield, there is a polite purr of acknowledgment that possession might be the way to inflict damage.
"Then, as the ball is passed to James Milner on the wing, the volume rises slightly.
But it is when Milner passes inside to Tévez and the little man drops his shoulder and dips past a lunging challenge from Paul Scholes that you feel you have been somehow transported from the football stadium into a hangar just as a jet engine is fired. The noise is sudden and guttural, a roar that shakes the superstructure. There is something more than just excitement in the growl Tévez provokes, there is the promise of deliverance."

Granted, he then goes on to talk about Blues still bearing 'the shackles of inferiority' which I don't buy (we were no more defensive against Utd than any other team, and Utd were far more defensive than the still-very-cautious others who come to Eastlands), but i did like those few paragraphs.

Bored as you were watching the derby? Then click if you wanna see that picture of Tev fisting bRio.

And to combine both City's strategy and anal imagery, this from Sabotage: 'As long as I have a hole in my ass, Man City will struggle to win the league playing with three defensive midfielders'. But Yaya isnt a defensive midfielder, he's just not very good!
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