Monday, June 02, 2014

Brasils of the mind

Pernicious Brazilian sterotypes in football and music, such as this bit of snide sexism to illustrate a news snippets column in The Scum, help no-one, and I wrote about other instances of them on premier world cup blog Straight Off the Beach, which should be your regular reference point for various player and country profiles in the build-up, and a host of features during the tournament. Below is the playlist Marc and I built for the piece, and I'll link my country profiles and any other doings as they go up. Boa torneio todo o mundo!

Update: Here were my preview pieces on Cameroon, Spain and contribution to pre-tournament expectations, but do have a browse across the site. Some great pieces on the tournament's epochal moments, and good to hear it will break out of its world cup chains and become a regular football blog too.

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