Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Guided by music

I have done a post on the variable role of music (not always the principal agent) in youth movements, with rave as the focus, over at 90s blog Up, Close and Personal put together by Carl at the Impostune and distinguished others. This embed from an early 00s dance history doc is included.
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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Americana swamps Dog Kennel Hill

Finally got round to uploading some of the footage from Champion Hillbillies' gig for their lead guitarist/singer's 40th birthday, at an adventure playground hut off Dog Kennel Hill a fortnight ago. It had to be moved from Dulwich Athletic's clubhouse after the knife attack related to a party there the night before, so the police were out in force round Sainsbury's. Dan did them proud on bass, and my partner Amanda played accordion for a few numbers, including this one (they also do a tidy take on Pixies' Here Comes the Man). Try as I might i could not rescue my awful footage thru iMovie but even with the grainy darkness it's still worth a watch as they romp through Frankie's Gun from the Felice Brothers, the popular upstate New York band.

Hopefully add the two-band encore in next few days.
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