Thursday, February 15, 2007

Hero worship overheard

Couldn’t help chuckling at someone in the office (which I am about to leave!), proclaiming: “I know I'll remember where I was the day Paul Weller dies".

What a fully paid up member of the Woking Men’s Club! There's a severe tension between the present and future in that memorial for not yet dead Weller. When will he cark it? I need to know so I can prepare a floral Mick Talbot, while nothing less than an orchestral rendition of A Town Called Martin will suffice, when it happens (if it hasn’t already – it’s difficult to tell whether Weller is sentient beneath the feather cut).

other potential teary flows for as-yet undead false prophets:
Ian Brown (horrible tears quotient 7)
Judge Jules (how could you: 18.6)
Dave Mustaine (what a mega death – four into six).
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