Monday, March 30, 2009

CALL night: 23 April @ Montague Arms, SE15

An early plug for another night @ the Montague in aid of the CALL campaign, on Thursday April 23. It’ll keep to the same format of comedy, singing groups and bands such as tribal reggae punks Radio Revolucion (check the Gernika stylings on their myspace), but adds in new acts like The Rules, a promising pop-punk act led by Paul and George, formerly sticksman for Earl Brutus among others. Mad skills guru Jeremy McClintock will be back fully loaded with some pellets of instruction, and I may even do some DJing if time permits.

The demands of CALL and other education bodies have been heard in a recent government white paper, which calls for an ‘informal adult learning revolution’. But, at a time when welfare-to-work groups try to persuade unemployed to join jobseeker schemes with all manner of frivolous incentives, there are still many other areas to be addressed around genuine lifelong learning opportunities, access to basic skills training and so on. Your £3 to get in will help fund its campaign.
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