Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Does anyone want a So Solid picture disc?

Recently there has been a breakthrough in clearing out the music crap that accumulated over the years from my partner working in the business then became serious landfill when her distributors/marketers went bust at the end of last year. Check Music Magpie out, it’s an ultra-easy way of selling unwanted CDs – just put the barcode in and the CD is valued straight away. Continue through your list to get a total and then they’ll send out someone to get your stash.

We have done two or three box clearances in this way now, earning a few quid in the process but more importantly beginning to make the room they’re in a liveable space. Bloomin’ Ada, if she were to exist, would not welcome sleeping among piles of dusty sonic detritus but that would have been her option.

Just a look at the latest stuff to go flushes me with a sense of relief and administrative success, even though I didn’t do any of it. Placido Domingo, Jimmy Osmond, Geordie – the Singles Collection, Nicky Wire’s solo project, Numbers from the Beast – An All-Star Tribute to Iron Maiden and Keep it Tidy Vol 4 could all be heading to good homes now. Of course there was gear that I would likely have liked – some AR Rahman scores, Nittin Sawhney’s All Mixed Up, Fiery Furnace’s Blueberry Boat, even Deep Purple’s Live in Montreux. But I already have enough ‘back-up’ dance and rock stuff already and in fact this is a two-track process where some of my old vinyl and CDs have headed to the charity shops. If it’s not wowing enough for me to pick it up and play straight away, then it’s time they face the music. But I was lucky that I had managed to save one copy of Biosphere’s Autour de La Lune, a slow trip in space in veneration of Jules Verne’s story of the same name. Beautiful otherworldliness from Geir Jenssen.

It’s only stage 1 in the war against clutter (mountains of CDs and records would of course not be clutter if we valued this gear), now we need to get into all the old REM and Muse curios, the old picture discs and the pointless items of clothing merchandise from the major label years. We are also irritatingly well stocked on Welsh rock trailblazers The Stereophonics and the Lost Prophets. And Drive-by-Truckers.

Truth of course could never condone illegal on-selling of copyrighted goods, but it’s a mark of the times that in some channels (ie, the old-school Music & Tape Exchange/Reckless routes) most of the gear is valued as worthless so we’d give it away if we could arrange takers. Although a car boot sale on some idyllic Sunday morning on a home counties patch to pick off the rest is a possibility (I can see the pitch now – “shit rock CDs - 14 pence each”).

Seriously, does anyone want a So Solid picture disc? Commemorates sales of the Fuck It mix CD.
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