Monday, March 26, 2007

Underdosing on feeling

Update: rumours that this is on the DGS' iSpod have been hotly denied by his people. It is on Mohamed al-Fayed's though

The Feeling frontman Dan Gillespie-Sells is a godsend to a music industry craving can-do players happy to acquiesce to a roll-call of consumer demands. In this respect he pips even Razorshite butler Borrell and his unfathomable mid-atlantic drawl. For those who thought his name only hinted at a spirit of unfettered branding, DGS is only too keen to prove that he is a rapacious endorser. The Sells man, who makes music actually devoid of feeling that couldn’t possibly fill one’s little world right up, fronts, with Bryan ferry, the Marks & Spencer menswear range. Poxy and Roxy go together well in the Autograph range. Not for him are any worries that M&S might be a bit, well, naff; not when his squarehead partner wants Gillespie-Sells-Ellis-Bextor Conglomerates to diversify.

As the picture shows, though he is a modern, raffish man-about-town look, he actually has huge arms to carry the mass of cash that he picks up.

Now buy these threads you fools! If Dan the Man, who admits to having feelings kike the rest of us, has been good enough to ensure his next career move by mainlining these sidelines, then they’ll do for your fat arse.

Other sectors have of course long reached out to the cool world of pop musak for props. Retail coffee giant Starbuck$ is no exception, launching a label. Dan Gilette-Sells, who couldn’t possibly start a day without switching on Wi-Fi over a nicely priced latte in his local branch, will no doubt be dead keen to sign to them. He likes it best when it’s empty there, so no contact can be made. Life, as in art, is a vacuous ride actually devoid of spark for this capital torque.
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