Monday, April 30, 2007

Sure, it's a Nissan Analogue Ambient

My partner likes driving in her car, which has a plate that references not only Brian Eno-ugh but also Aphex Twin

Can any readers beat that? Yes, by not owning a car and leading sustainable lifestyles, or cranking up the biodiesel.

Egphone infostream: on the right at the top of the sidebar is a thumbnail for the screening Films Noirs are having for their film about conservative goon Jeremy McClintock. Go to his shite for more details and see you there. Cull jocks will be spinning before and after the film.

Mini-review: Creams 74 at a Max Tundra gig put on by Mavryx in that there Corsica:
"Support acts Comasports - indulgent minimal doodles - and Ad-Art - Barley-esque self pleasuring from rich euro twats - were rubbish but Max Tundra was good. A bit like Cassette Boy in his cut up approach and has a good falsetto voice for his amusing lyrics, which mix dreams with the mundane. Nice synth-pop appreciation and does an enjoyable rem-mix of KLF's 'What time is Love'. He also sported stag beetle head gear for the last few tunes and has a good line in self-deprecating poses. Worth seeing."
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